Indy Comic Book Review #1


I was asked by the very talented people at Graphic Illusions Comics, an independent comic book company, to review the compilation comic book containing their first seven issues of the comic series named INTREPID. The name of this first compilation of stories is called HEROES & VILLAINS. I won’t tell too much about what goes on in this comic so if you want to start following what the awesome people at GI COMICS are doing you can visit them at There you can find out information on their comic series and characters. At their website you can also purchase their comic book for your own viewing pleasure. Ok, so now on to the review….


I like to give bad news first so I will start with the things I didn’t like.

  1. While the art is dynamically done completely in black and white throughout the entire comic when there is a lot  going on in the background such as an explosion or grand use of super powers it is hard to tell what is going on without the pages being colored. While I do like the black and white art maybe more shading can help sort out the background confusion.
  2. After each comic issue there is a transition page. The art on the first transition page was kind of awkward to look at considering it look like the two men were sharing one body and I don’t think they were supposed to.
  3. There were a lot of characters seen in this book some of them who to me had substantial parts but where never introduced.While the big number of superheroes in this book made for great action scenes it would have really been nice to at least know their name and powers.
  4. I am guessing this book is to be sold majorly in America but there were some parts completely in Spanish and some other weird language spoken by the comic’s main antagonist that sort of stopped the flow of the readers focus in the comic. I would suggest doing a translation somewhere on the page. Unless of course it is not meant for the reader to understand what is being said.
  5. The ending felt kind of rushed. About one hundred pages of struggle and it seems to get resolved in a few panels. I would have liked to seen the struggle between the protagonists and antagonist follow through to the end.

Now time for the good news, all the things I enjoyed about the comic.

  1. THE COVER- The art on the cover is brilliant and very eye catching. Opening the envelope I received it in I immediately got excited about reading what was inside. The cover makes an awesome first impression.
  2. THE ART- Besides what I stated above the art inside is just as brilliant.The art of this comic book isn’t something we usually see in comics today with it being completely in black and white. But for the most part it is drawn very well and besides the times where there is a  lot going on in the background the art is surprisingly easy to follow for something that isn’t colored. The unique art style makes a lasting impression the readers will remember.
  3. THE STORY- Just with in the 176 page count of this book with get a lot of well developed characters and we get the story all the way around. What is that we not only get an awesome present tense story we also get to peek into the past to see what gets the story in motion. While the story does go back and forth between past and present the sequences are perfectly placed making the story easy to follow going back and forth between the time periods.
  4. THE CHARACTERS – Each character was unique in their own way which I something I love in comics. They even had it down to the characters’ attitude which is something I loved. Really giving you the feel this was a diverse group of people instead of a hive of superheroes. My favorite character was Anna Bella. Her repulsion powers were awesome and on top of that she was a genius. I can’t wait to see how she gets developed in later issues.
  5. THE ACTION- It might be hard to see everything going on with the black and white art style but there is a lot of awesome battle scenes in this comic. One thing I notice about comic is that you either get the action or the story sacrificing one or the other. In this comic we get both and they are equally awesome.
  6. If you are like me sometimes it is hard to focus on just one thing and even though you are really interested in it you still drift off thinking of something else. This often happens to me reading comics but this book was almost ADHD proof. It managed to keep majority of my attention and even when I did drift off I could pick up right were I left off and continue the story with ease. But of course I’ve read this comic more than once because it’s so AWESOME.

The people at Graphic Illusions comics are a group of really talented people. Even though this review was not all positive I guarantee the PROS heavily out weigh the CONS. Don’t let the bad news part of this review stop you from picking it up. It was just nit picky things that bothered me while reading it but it is definitely worth the read. If  I had to give this comic book a grade I would give it an (A-) just to be like those teachers who found little mistakes but still couldn’t deny you a good grade.

Here is a link to their website again where you can purchase and get information on their comics books.

Also like them on Facebook to keep up what is going on at GI comic.



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